Friday, August 10, 2012

Iranian Attack Dog

Egypt,  Iran,  Gaza,  Hamas,  Mosry, Moslem Brotherhood, Islamists, Sinai, Sunni, Shi'ite, Shia, War, peace   kirschen : Dry Bones cartoon.The latest according to the Arab Times (Kuwait):
Iran Suicidal In ‘Sinai’ Bid
"Now that the regional doors and international windows have been closed in the face of Iran, it has started trying to use the Egypt-Palestine borders as a backdoor to show it can still influence regional politics and exert power outside whenever it feels like it. Iran has chosen the Sinai desert as its backdoor; oblivious to the fact that any terrorist operation on the Egypt-Palestine borders will only lead to further humiliation because the mask, which the terrorists had used to cover themselves, had Iran’s signature all over it. -moree
And this just in from the Associated Press:
Gunmen attack police station in Egypt's Sinai
CAIRO (AP) — "Gunmen sprayed a police station in Egypt's Sinai with bullets Thursday, setting off a brief firefight with policemen before speeding away in their truck, the latest in a series of attacks against security forces in the increasingly volatile peninsula, security officials said.
Meanwhile, the military sent additional armored and other army vehicles to boost its strength in a hunt for militants in the wake of a deadly weekend attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers.
The security officials also said army engineers were making preparations to destroy or shut an elaborate underground tunnel network linking Sinai and Gaza that is used to smuggle weapons, people and basic goods to circumvent border restrictions imposed against the Hamas-controlled territory by Israel and Egypt.

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