Monday, December 13, 2010

Same Old Same Old

South America haven for Nazi war criminals becomes pro Iranian, pro Palestinian, and anti Israel : Dry Bones cartoon.
According to the Media Line:
South American Nations Recognize Palestinian State
December 12, 2012

"South America is proving to be a wellspring for support for Palestinian sovereignty after Argentina and Uruguay announced they would join Brazil in recognizing an independent Palestinian state. Moving at a faster pace than the Palestinians themselves, Brazil stated its recognition of the state of Palestine on Friday, and on Monday, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner said in a letter to Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud ‘Abbas that, “The Argentine government recognizes Palestine as a free and independent state within the borders defined in 1967.” Uruguay followed, saying it would begin its recognition of the Palestinian state in 2011." -more

* * *
If you don't quite understand the background to today's cartoon, check out the Wikipedia entry on Nazis in South America:
"Ratlines were systems of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in South America, particularly Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Chile." -more

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