Tuesday, November 09, 2010

First Rains (1973)

(1973) Dry Bones cartoon: the War and the First Rains.
Today's cartoon is from November 1973.
I drew the cartoon 37 years ago this month!

Israel is a country that relies on its annual rainy season to nurture and water the land. Back in 1973 we were in the middle of the distress of the Yom Kippur War and the arrival of the "First Rains" of the season was a welcome diversion.

Here in 2010 we are silently watching the Iranian/Syrian arming of Hezbollah on our northern border, the arms build-up in the Iranian-backed Hamas territory of Gaza on our southern border. Turkey has slid into the Islamist camp, and the West is ignoring both the Iranian threat and the fate of the democracy demonstrators of Tehran. The weather in Israel is all blue skies and sunny ...What we need is a real downpour!! Both to nurture and water the land, and to give us something to take our minds off "the situation".

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