Thursday, February 18, 2016

In Sheep's Clothing

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In recent times we have come to realize that Christian Evangelicals are among Israel's greatest friends and supporters.
But now, it seems, that this Christian flock is being infiltrated by wolves "in sheep's clothing"
These antisemitic "activists" are now spreading the lie that “the Palestinians, not the Jews, are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel”
The story:
While major Christian Zionist organizations, such as Pastor John Hagee’s 2 million strong Christians United for Israel (CUFI) or the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), the largest Evangelical Christian group supporting Israel financially, which is led by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, remain committed to their support of Israel, “recent trends in the Evangelical world point to a conscious turning away from Israel by some key members of this important part of Christendom,” explained Miller.

One of the major influences turning Christian Zionists into anti-Israel advocates is the “fallacious narrative promoted by Palestinian Christian leaders that is both anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.” With the emergence of a stronger and more organized politicized voice among the Palestinian Christian community, Miller stated, many American Evangelical leaders are responsible for “enabling and assisting the spread of a deceptive political agenda based on erroneous theology and have rewritten history.”

Theologically, Palestinian Christians are now claiming loudly and proudly that the Palestinians, not the Jews, are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. “Not only does this assertion deny the prophetic significance of the regathering of the Jewish people to their Biblical homeland that is supposed to be important to Christians, but the logical conclusion of this assertion is the belief that Jesus and the first disciples were Palestinians,” Miller told Breaking Israel News.

“As a result, Biblical history – that Evangelicals have believed in traditionally – is rewritten and the Christian faith is delegitimized.”

Significant examples of this growing trend and shift in theology is the popup of organizations such as Christ at the Checkpoint and the Bethlehem Bible College. The annual conferences run by these two organizations alone are, as Miller explained, the “primary promoters of virulent anti-Jewish and anti-Israel propaganda.”-The Source of the quote

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