Thursday, November 06, 2014

Jerusalem War against the Jews

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According to the initial story in the Jerusalem Post:
"The attack occurred in two separate locations in the capital.
The injured were rushed to Hadassah University Medical Centers at Ein Karem and Mount Scopus. A few of the other injured were treated at the scene.
Medical officials said that two of those hospitalized are seriously hurt, four are moderately injured, and three suffered light wounds.
The driver rammed his vehicle into crowds at two separate locations near the light rail track in Jerusalem. Immediately after hitting eight pedestrians, security forces nearby shot and killed the driver.
Police said that the driver of a van swerved his vehicle into the light rail station on the corner of Bar-Lev and Shimon Hatzadik Streets. He then continued toward Moshe Zaks Street nearby, where he ran into more people.
After crashing the car, the driver emerged from the vehicle with a metal crowbar and began to attack people nearby. A police and Border Police force subsequently shot and killed the assailant."

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