Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Land Day (1999)

Dry Bones
September 09, 1999

(1999) Dry Bones cartoon: Land day, anti-Zionism, Arabs, Israel, Chemical Warfare, Holy War, jihad,
Today's Golden Oldie is from 1999.

The latest news out of the formerly moderate state of Morocco now in the throes of Arab Spring:

Israeli flags burnt in Morocco rally
Organizers claim 100,000 people took part in Land Day rally in Rabat, protested participation of Israeli diplomat in EUROMED meeting. David Saranga taken out back door.

Several days prior to the Global March to Jerusalem, thousands of Moroccans took part in a mass rally in Rabat "in support of Jerusalem." Israeli diplomat David Saranga, who was in the city for a conference, was taken out of the building through a side door as demonstrators protested his presence there, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. Palestinian flags were flown and Israeli flags were burned during the march.
A Moroccan Islamic organization that organized the march claimed that 100,000 participated in the rally.
"The people want to free al-Aqsa," the protesters chanted. "A million martyrs are going to Jerusalem."

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