Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who's On First?

Dry Bones cartoon: Iowa went to Obama, New Hampshire went to Hillary, and Bush went to Israel.
I spent this morning watching Israeli live TV coverage of Air Force One landing at Ben Gurion Airport. The rolling out of the humongous red carpet. The reception line of dignitaries. The highways closed to all other traffic as the official cars work their way from the airport to the eternal capital of the Jewish people. The holy city of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile the question of who is really in first place is probably uppermost in the minds of most politicians:
In America (both in the Democratic Primaries and the Republican race)
In Israel (can Olmert maintain control?)
In "Palestine" (how long will Hamas allow Abbas to continue to be "President" and fig leaf for the terrorists?)

And, curiously, some of the topics that seem to have faded from media coverage include the ongoing bombing of the city of Sderot from Gaza, the murder of Israeli hikers by off duty Palestinian "police", our kidnapped soldiers, and Jonathan Pollard.

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