Friday, July 21, 2006

When Will This War End?

Dry Bones cartoon - Terrorism, missile attacks, rockets hitting Israeli cities, Hizbullah, Hamas, Sunnis, Shias, Iran, Ahmadinejad, and Israel's two-front war in Lebanon and Gaza... When will this war end?I've used these two characters for many many years. They are two regular guys sitting at a typical Israeli cafe having coffee. One has swept-back hair and glasses. The other has wavy hair, a moustache and three dots on the side of his heads. They almost always appear face to face.

When the war started I stuck the bigger guy into a blue gym suit and decided to seat them back to back, sort of the way we, the Israeli public, now are...united.
Somehow we're no longer divided into feuding leftists and right wingers, no longer categorized as either "regular" Israelis or "settlers".
We all seem to agree that we are now in a fight for survival.

I sat the two guys in this back to back pose a few days ago, when they first commented on the outbreak of the two-front war.

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