Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Iraqi Update (2003)

Dry Bones cartoon (2003) - Iraq people
This pessimistic cartoon was published in 2003. Not really old enough to be what I'd call a "Golden Oldie" but I wanted to post it now.

Because of the intimacy of the Blogosphere, I find myself in contact with the Iraqi reality. If you're a regular visitor you know that I've been reading a fascinating Iraqi blog. I mentioned them in a couple of posts just last week (here and here) and I put up a link to the blog. It's called Iraq The Model and it's a voice out of Baghdad. It's given me a feeling of optimism.

Maybe Iraq will be free! Maybe Iraq will be the "model" for a new and healthy and democratic Middle East!
The reason that I posted this cartoon today is that I just received a note from Omar (one of the two Baghdadi bloggers behind the Iraqi blog).
He writes:
"I think exchanging links between our blogs would be just nice.
I really want to bridge the gap between our people and clear the misunderstandings.
I really think that our countries can be best partners in the region, this will take time though."

Check them out. And while you're there, leave a comment and tell 'em "Dry Bones sent you."

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