Friday, October 21, 2005

Saddam On Trial

Dry Bones cartoon - Saddam Hussein Trial
Frankenstein was not his name.
Frankenstein was the name of the scientist (Doctor Frankenstein) who had created the monster. The monster himself was properly called "Frankenstein's Monster". In the case of Saddam, one question which remains to be answered is, was he "Iraq's Monster"? Or, having been supported by America and Europe, is he "Our Monster" and not just Iraq's?!
In any case, his trial has begun and the monster will have his moment in the sun as he faces the camera and his victims, and we are treated to TV coverage of his cunning attempt to survive.

The following is from a post on an Iraqi blog called Iraq The model:

"As the prosecution went deeper into details and facts, the way we viewed the trial began to change and those among us who were demanding a bullet in Saddam's head now seemed pleased with the proceedings I don't think I want to see that bullet now, I want to see justice take place as it should be.
We were watching an example of justice in the new Iraq, a place where no one should be denied his rights, not even Saddam."
Can Iraqi democracy survive and become a model for the region? We've just put up a "sidebar" link to "Iraq The Model". We regularly read this wonderful and informative blog and recommend that you do too.

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