Monday, December 17, 2018

Good News/Bad News

tunnels, terrorism, Hamas, Hezbollah, Israel,Israel, good news/bad news, (The 208-page Graphic Novel called a work of "prophecy" by the Wall Street Journal) A Book that will Change Your Life . . . and maybe the World! Available in Print or Kindle or autographed by Kirschen and mailed to you from Israel. With the virtual death of newspapers I, a newspaper cartoonist, have been without any real income for several years.
The LSW (Long Suffering Wife) tends to worry about the possibility of us having to move into a cardboard box on the street. The way I see it, if you're a Dry Bones fans you should do one of two things.

ONE; make a donation (for which we'll be forever grateful) or TWO; buy a copy of Trees, the Green Testament, (which will also help us, but not as much as a donation)

You can get your copy of Trees at or order a copy directly from us (for me to autograph and for the LSW to then shlep to the post office to mail to you).

It makes a wonderful gift and comes with my (and the LSW's) love and best wishes.

BTW, for info on how to make a donation click on

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