Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Approaching 80 Years Old

antisemitism,graphic novel. trees, the green testament,Israel, history, generations, continuity, Jewish continuity, Christianity, prophecy, Trees, The Green Testament is a Graphic Novel that I wrote and drew back in 1993.

I was shocked when the front page of the Wall Street Journal reported that my book was being accepted by American Christians as a work of prophecy. Ultra-Orthodox Jews declared that it had actually been written by the reincarnated soul of a long-dead Jewish sage!? I immediately withdrew all support for the book! I was a political cartoonist and did not want to be seen as some kind of religious nut-case!

But the years have slipped by, I'm about to celebrate my 80th birthday (March 8) and I want to share the incredible "Trees" experience with my friends and fans. so I wrote a free book in which you can read the story of how I came to write Trees, The Green Testament
And with the growing isolation of Israel, the explosion of antisemitism, the street attacks on European Jews, and the world's apathy to the genocide of Christians in Africa and the Middle East, I've also decided to publish an Annotated Edition of the original book. The story of Israel and World History as told by the Trees!! Get yours at http://amazon.com/author/kirschen or order a copy directly from me for me to autograph and for my LSW (Long Suffering Wife) to mail to you from our home in Israel http://store.drybones.com/

It makes a wonderful gift and comes with my love and best wishes in this time of wonderful miracles and terrible stress.

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