Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jewish Curses

Dry Bones,coloring books, Amazon, LSW, Jewish curses, Yiddish, cartoons, jokes,Jews, immigrants,  With the prodding (and encouragement) of the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) I’ve written and drawn a cartoon guide and coloring book of “Jewish Curses”.
The book is not about cursing as in the kind of “cursing” you do when you hit your thumb with a hammer. It’s something entirely different.
 Let me explain.
 In the early 20th century, massive numbers of Jewish immigrants escaped to the English-speaking world with a secret language which only they spoke.
\It was called Yiddish and it carried their unique culture. A culture that allowed them to express their frustrations and anger through wildly funny and insanely nasty Yiddish curses that dripped with Jewish immigrant cynicism. The curses in this book are all translations from the original Yiddish, and no effort has been made to make them more understandable or funny in English.
We hope that, with a little effort, you will find them a door to understanding the mindset, attitudes, and native wit of our Yiddish immigrant past. A past that was rich in the native wit that empowered the classic Jewish comedians and which gave birth to what we now politely call Jewish humor.

We, the LSW and I, hope that you will enjoy reading and coloring the cartoon pages and that you will consider their value in gifting a younger generation with a glimpse into our ethnic past.

You can find this book (and others) at https://Amazon.com/author/kirschen
If you live in the UK or Israel-> https://Amazon.co.uk/-/e/B01MU9MHV2

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