Friday, July 27, 2012

Syria's Chemical Weapons

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The situation as reported in Turkish Weekly:
Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Deal with Syrian Chemical Weapons
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his country is prepared to act to neutralize the threat posed by Syrian weapons of mass destruction in a post-Assad era. The prime minister was interviewed by two U.S. television networks.
Benjamin Netanyahu says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s days are numbered.
“I think the [Syrian] regime will go," he said. "I do not know if it is days or weeks or months, but I do not think it is sustainable.”
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the prime minister said he worries chaos in Syria could allow chemical weapons to fall into the hands of sworn enemies of Israel.
“Can you imagine Hezbollah - the people who are conducting, with Iran, all these terror attacks around the world - can you imagine that they would have chemical weapons? It would be like al-Qaida having chemical weapons. It is something that is not acceptable to us,” he said.
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And Saturday evening is the start of Tisha Be'Av!

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