Friday, July 13, 2012

Israel's Citizen Army

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Both minority communities are being betrayed by their own "leadership" ...or so it seems to me. But that's not what's causing an uproar in the country.

"Fairness to those who carry the burden" is what drives the growing movement for a national draft for all Israeli citizens, including Israeli Arabs and Ultra-Orthodox Jews(Haredim).

Ynet reports:

"A political crisis is looming over the Coalition, again: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that he has ordered the formation of two teams to devised alternatives to Tal Law.

Earlier this week Netanyahu dissolved the Plesner Committee, originally tasked with devising alternatives to the universal draft bill. The move was slammed as one meant to both placate the religious parties and avert the Arab public's wrath; and ended up rattling the Coalition even further." -more

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