Monday, January 25, 2010

Middle East Pride

Dry Bones cartoon: Israeli Rescue Operation in Haifa.
Media coverage of Israel's humanitarian efforts in Haiti have produced some interesting backlash. Here's a blogger who claims that Israel caused the earthquake:
"Besides the obvious benefit to Israel’s image resulting from such an event where she morphs from a bloodthirsty killer of dark-skinned Palestinian and Lebanese women and children to the rescuer of dark-skinned Haitians, there is the other possibility to consider–that this was used as a demonstration to the rest of the world that a new weapon of war had been developed, one whose devastation could not be attributed to another country but rather would be seen as an “act of God” to everyone but the leaders of a particular country in the crosshairs of Israel and the US.

Would Israel, working in collusion with the US Defense Department go so far as to cause an earthquake by strategically placing nuclear weapons in certain geologically-sensitive places, thereby causing the deaths of tens of thousands in order to gain a PR victory from it at a time she is universally despised around the world?"-more

And for even loonier hate-mongering you could click HERE to take a peek at what Iranian-based Press TV suggests under the headline: "Israel harvesting organs in Haiti?"

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