Friday, January 02, 2009

Iranian Fist Fight

Iran's Hamas War : Dry Bones cartoon.
The Iranian hand in the current Gaza War is pretty much ignored in the West's coverage of the conflict.

Iran's puppet forces in Gaza (Hamas), and Iran's puppet forces in Lebanon (Hezbollah)threaten, not only the Jewish State, but also the three Sunni Muslim Arab states on Israel's borders (Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan) ...and our neighbors know it!

Some interesting news out of Iran (as reported by MEMRI on December 31st):

Student Organizations Issue Ultimatum to Egyptian, Jordanian Diplomatic Representations: Get Out By Noon Tomorrow
"The Iranian student organizations issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the director of the Egyptian interest office in Tehran, Amro Al-Zayyat, demanding that Egypt either condemn the Israeli offensive and open its borders to let supplies enter Gaza, or remove its representatives from Iranian soil by noon on January 1, 2009. The organizations said that they intended to take over the Egyptian representation, and threatened that the fate of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would be the same as that of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

An identical ultimatum was issued to Jordan's representatives in Iran. In addition, the secretary-general of the Association of Independent Islamic Students Organizations, Mehdi Tousi, said that the Iranian student organizations intended to demonstrate on January 1, in front of the Jordanian representation in Tehran, and reported that "many students from across the country are now en route to Tehran." It was also reported that on December 31, firebombs were thrown at the Jordanian representation." -more

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