Thursday, December 11, 2014


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According to PMW (Palestinian Media Watch):
Names of schools in the PA
"The Palestinian Authority transmits ideological messages that appear in its schoolbooks through the names it gives to its schools. The schoolbooks define Palestinian terror against Israel since Israel's founding in 1948 as: "resistance … acts of most glorious heroism." [Arabic Language, Analysis, Literature and Commentary, Grade 12, p. 105]

In the spirit of glorifying terror, numerous schools are named after terrorist murderers.
Israeli cities are presented in Palestinian schoolbooks as if they are Palestinian cities. In this spirit, schools are given name of the cities of Israel. See below.
The most common school name PMW has found is the name Al Khansa – with at least 8 schools given her name. Al Khansa is the honored mother of Islamic tradition because she expressed joy over the Shahada (Martyrdom) deaths of her four children. A PA schoolbook for Grade 8, explains her importance this way:"

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