Saturday, November 29, 2014

Judy Balint Interviews Dry Bones

Judy Balint just interviewed me on her Jerusalem Diaries Radio Show.You can hear the podcast of the whole 25 minute interview by clicking on this link:
Dry Bones: Why Have Cartoons Been Used Throughout History by Anti-Semites?Kirschen, Dry Bones cartoon,indiegogo, crowd funding,antisemitism, interview, podcast,Judy Balint,
Yaakov Kirschen, award-winning creator of the long-running Dry Bones cartoons, explains to VOI's Judy Lash Balint why he's recruiting for a new campaign to fight anti-Semitism. Kirschen, who has been dubbed 'the cartoonist of the Jewish people' tells Judy how he got his start at Playboy magazine, and why cartoons have been used by anti-Semites throughout history.
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Kirschen, Dry Bones cartoon,indiegogo, crowd funding, jewish, jews, Christians,

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