Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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According to cnn:

(CNN) -- "Screams of outrage. Crowds marching down streets, blocking intersections and interstates. Fists raised in silence.
As the Ferguson grand jury's decision was announced Monday night, protesters around the country -- who had begun to gather hours earlier -- responded in solidarity. In New York, a roving crowd wound its way through the city, surging to more than 1,000 in Times Square before heading toward the Upper West Side, CNN's Miguel Marquez tweeted. Photos: Reaction to Ferguson decision Photos: Reaction to Ferguson decision Earlier in the evening, about 200 people flocked to Union Square, brandishing signs that read, "Jail killer cops," and a large display, in lights: "Black lives matter."
Protesters knocked down barricades and headed toward the West Village before turning north, accompanied by police."

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