Friday, April 05, 2013

Presidential Problems

Dry Bones,Israel, America, middle east policy, Obama, mid east, Middle East,syria, iran, turkey, peace, economy, depression, financial crisis, recession, president, presidential visit, Permit me to say few words about today's cartoon from a cartoonist's point of view.
When I began doing Dry Bones cartoons back in 1973, I drew six panels in every cartoon. A few years ago I switched to a four panel structure. Today's cartoon could/should have been a two-panel cartoon, but I wanted the tempo and pacing provided by a four panel "read". Which explains the four panel background in a two panel. That's the kind of problem that a cartoonist tries to solve.

The kind of problems that an American President is called upon to "solve" are, as pointed out in today's Dry Bones cartoon, a bit more challenging.

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