Thursday, July 19, 2012

Telephone Reform (1997)


July 4, 1997

a Dry Bones cartoon: Kirschen,telephone,  Bezeq,  telephone, Telecommunications, Israel, reform, competition, mobile phones, Telecommunications, reform
Bezeq was the Israeli monopoly that controlled all international calls coming out of Israel. In 1997, 15 years ago, the monopoly was broken, competition was allowed, and telephone rates dropped through the floor! International calls became cheap. And in the days that followed, we understood how "our" phone company had been ripping us off for years!! And we were angry!

Now in 2012 we are experiencing the same understanding and the same anger as we leave "our" mobile phone companies in droves. Yup. they've opened the field up to competition and rates are dropping through the floor. And we now understand how "our" cellphone companies have been ripping us off for years!! And we are angry!

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