Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Romney in 2012

Mormon, campaign,  Bias, Democracy, Presidency, Elections, JFK,  Obama,  American Blacks, America, 1960, 2008, 2012,  : Dry Bones cartoon.How old is Uncle Drybones?
I'll tell you how old.

In 1960 I lived in New York, and JFK was running for President. People mumbled about the threat of a Roman Catholic President. "How do we know that Jack Kennedy wont be controlled by the Vatican?! . . . by the Pope in Rome!!"

In 2008 Obama was running for President, and I was visiting America on a speaking tour. Somewhere in Arizona someone mumbled to me "But he's black!!, who's going to vote for a black?!" The mumbler did not use the word "black" but employed a more colorful term instead.

It's now 2012, Romney is running for President. Last week, an American on an overseas contract working here in Israel mumbled to me "I'm disappointed in Obama but I couldn't vote for Romney. Romney's a Mormon. They're a cult!"

That's how old Uncle Drybones is!
I've been mumbled to before.

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