Thursday, June 07, 2012

Pollard (1987)


March 04, 1987

(1987) Jonathan Pollard, Prison, spying, King Solomon a Dry Bones cartoon
Today's Golden Odie cartoon was published in the Jerusalem Post on March 04, 1987, the day that Jonathan Pollard was to be sentenced.

He was facing charges that, if he had been found guilty, could have put him in jail for several years. So he decided to take a plea bargain, admit to his guilt, forego a trial, and expect a lesser sentence. It is now twenty-five years after the sentencing, which opened a series of shocking betrayals. Pollard was given a life sentence by the Americans, Israel denied that he was their spy, and American Jewish Organizations (with a few exceptions) remained silent for years.

Israeli President Shimon Peres now carries a plea for Pollard's long-overdue release, which he will present to President Obama in Washington D.C. So I decided to find and post today's historic cartoon.

Please click for the Facts of the Pollard Case.

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