Thursday, September 15, 2011

Egyptian Peace (1974)

Published in 1974
(1977) Dry Bones cartoon: Egypt, Riots, Cairo, Peace Agreement, Peace, Israel, flag burning, anti-Israel, Suez Canal.
Today's cartoon is from 1974.
Dry Bones was only one year old and Israel had a "Peace Treaty" with Egypt!!

The goal was to have cultural relations, sporting events, trade relations, and more. Sure the public was still infected with a degree of anti-Israeli hatred ...but we'd show understanding, and with the help of the Egyptian government, in time, the Arabs of Egypt would come to appreciate their cousins next door; the Israelites of the land of Israel.

So we waited patiently, and with understanding, for thirtyseven years while the Egyptian government blocked normalization. Egyptian tourists were barred from visiting us, antisemitism was allowed to flourish, cultural exchanges never happened and the Egyptian government rode the tiger of a population that they could control but would not educate.

And now their "Israel-loving" President, his sons, and other senior regime figures are on trial for their lives and the population seethes with Islamist-sponsored hatred and cheers, once again, the burning of Israel's flag in Cairo.

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