Friday, April 15, 2011

a Dry Bones Passover Gift

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At Passover we all dutifully pledge to be living "Next Year in Jerusalem". In 1971 I did it. I came "home" to Israel from America, the land of my birth.

Two years after arriving in Israel, I began drawing a political comic strip for the Jerusalem Post. I called it Dry Bones. It became an overnight success and was soon being quoted by major international media as revealing what the Israeli “man in the street” was thinking.

In 2005, after 32 years of non-stop newspaper publication, I started the Dry Bones Blog. Every day I post a Dry Bones cartoon along with a column of explanation/commentary.

But in the forty years that have passed since I made aliya in 1971, only once did I ever try to explain the vision and passion that had gripped my imagination and had totally changed the path of my life.

Only once did I ever try to explain Zionism.

I did it in 1993, in a graphic novel called Trees ...the Green Testament.

* * *
Here in Israel, I'm surrounded by the frenzied Passover gift-shopping in crowded shopping malls. So I've decided on a Passover gift to give my loyal readers. A copy of Trees. I've converted the 192-page graphic work into a "flipBook". It's a kind of eBook that feels like a book on paper. You use your mouse to grab page corners for page-turning. Neat!
* * *
To get your free copy of "Trees" just click on Trees, the Green Testament ...and there's a "Share" button on the flipBook so you can send a free copy to your friends too.

click me for flipBook gift.

Happy Passover

Next cartoon on Thursday April 21st.
For a full explanation of the writing of Trees, click HERE.

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