Thursday, December 16, 2010

Explain Kissinger (1973)

(1973) Dry Bones cartoon: Kissinger's motives.
Today's cartoon is another Kissinger from the 1973 Yom Kippur war period.

I'd been drawing the Dry Bones cartoons for less than a year. In this cartoon from 1973 was a new character named Mr. Shuldig. He was billed as a "problem solver". In this cartoon he is asked to explain Kissinger's motives, and can't.

Back then Mr. Shuldig, like pretty much everybody in Israel at the time, was a smoker.

As to Kissinger's motives, 37 years later we are beginning to get a glimpse through released Nixon tapes and transcripts:

Israpundit explains: "

"Recently declassified White House transcripts (featured in an editorial in the Israeli daily Haaretz) show former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger blaming Israel for the problems in the region, accusing Israel of being “deliberately provocative” and attempting “to create maximum commotion in the Middle East.”

In the newly released documents Kissinger refers to the Golan Heights as “Syrian territory” and the Syrians as “my friends.” He confides to an Algerian diplomat that “a (new Arab-Israeli) war wouldn’t be so bad for us. … We could show (Israel) we are tough.” Us? This strongly suggests Kissinger identified with the Arab side in the Arab-Israel conflict." -more

In a public speech in 1974, Moshe Dayan said of Kissinger:
"It is painful to think that someone who fled Nazi persecution as a young boy in 1938 should do so much damage to the Jewish State. Yet, a closer look shows that Kissinger has, at best, a tenuous connection with his Judaism. Rabbi Norman Lamm, former chancellor of Yeshiva University, spotted this early. In his article “Kissinger and the Jews” (Dec. 20, 1975), a devastating critique, he writes, “Dr. Kissinger is an illustration of how high an assimilated Jew can rise in the United States, and how low he can fall in the esteem of his fellow Jews.”

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