Monday, October 09, 2006

The North Korean Bomb

Dry Bones cartoon -Kim Jong il's North Korea Detonates a Nuke. They've got 'the bomb'!Two hours ago in an Australian newspaper:
"Stalinist North Korea announced today that it had conducted its first ever atomic bomb test, defying global opinion to send a nuclear shiver around the world. Australian Prime Minister John Howard Prime Minister John Howard strongly condemned the test, which comes despite international pleas that it not proceed."

Today's cartoon raises the question of how the North Korean bomb will impact the Islamofascist war against the West.

In WW2 the Japanese war machine joined the Nazi/Fascist effort to crush the Western Democracies. Are we about to see the North Koreans join the Islamofascist effort to crush the Western Democracies in what seems to be WW3?

What happens next?!

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