Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pope and the Muslims

Dry Bones cartoon -Pushing the Pope!
Somehow we've moved up a notch.
Closer to a "real" religious war than ever before.
By "real" I mean that both sides know that there is a war going on.
Judging by the argument I had at a reception I attended this evening, lots of us seem to be frozen in the "headlights", unable to accept the fact that we are, indeed, in a planet-wide religious war.

As a kid in the American school system, I was taught that the Germans were "good people" and that the problem of Nazism was all due to a lone fiendish madman named /Hitler.

Then, in the sixties, just 20 years after WW2, America treated the world to funny, fumbling, Nazis in that travesty called "Hogan's Heroes". Set in a Nazi prison camp, the Allied prisoners have a great time at the expense of the silly Nazi prison guards.

So if by some strange twist of fate we win this war, do you think that we'll eventually see some funny, fumbling Islamofascist TV sitcom?
Set in a funny Islamist prison camp with happy Westerners and dopey terrorists? A great running gag could be a frustrated terrorist who, after he's tricked again by an American captive, says "ooooh, I'm gonna' cut your head clean off!"

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