Thursday, July 27, 2006

Demands for a Cease Fire in Lebanon! (1982)

1982 Dry Bones cartoon -Cease-Fire: War in LebanonThe war that we are in today, in the summer of 2006, is a "Golden Oldie"!
A "Blast From The Past"!
We've seen this movie before!!
Way back in the summer of 1982.
24 years ago.

We'd entered Lebanon to fight our terrorist tormentors and the "world" demanded a quick cease-fire!
It seemed as if only the United States understood and supported us.
The cartoon above was published on June 14, 1982.

In June 1982, the U.S. Secretary of State said:

"No sovereign state can tolerate indefinitely the buildup along its borders of a military force dedicated to its destruction and implementing its objectives by periodic shellings and raids"

In June 1982 the U.S. President said:

"On Lebanon, it is clear that we and Israel both seek an end to the violence there, and a sovereign, independent Lebanon. We agree that Israel must not be subjected to violence from the north."

For details, sources for the above quotes, and background about what happened back then check out The Lebanon War at the Jewish Virtual Library.

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