Monday, February 27, 2006

Mike and Ike

Dry Bones cartoon - Hamas and the PLO
I wanted to do a cartoon showing that the PLO and Hamas do not differ in their desire to destroy the Jewish State. I then remembered an early comic strip done by Rube Goldberg. The cartoon was called "Mike and Ike, They Look Alike," which became an American catch phrase.

The "heroes" of the strip were two identical twin buffoons. Rube was a cartoonist working in the early 1900's. He's a hero to most American cartoonists which is why the National Cartoonists Society's annual awards are called the Reuben awards... and why the URL of our website (yes I'm a member) is

I used Mike and Ike in today's Dry Bones cartoon. Notice that I used Mike, on the left in the cartoon below, in panel one of the Dry Bones cartoon... and Ike, doing the dishes in the cartoon below, to pose as the PLO in panel two of the Dry Bones cartoon. I like to think that Rube would have approved!
Mike and Ike, Rube Goldberg, 1910
Mike and Ike
Rube Goldberg

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