Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Funny How It Turned Out

Dry Bones cartoon - Funny How It Turned Out.
When I was a kid, during the very early days of television, there was a TV puppet show that I loved. It was called "Time For Beany" and featured a little boy puppet who wore a "Propeller Beany" and a sock puppet sea monster called "Cecil the Sea-Sick Sea Serpent". It was way before hand puppet technology got sophisticated. One of the standard gag lines on the show was when one of the characters said "that's funny" and the other would ask for clarification with the line "Funny ha ha or funny peculiar?"

I thought of that when I did the cartoon about the "funny" situation we all face with the Hamas victory.".

By the way adults also watched that old kiddie show (there wasn't that much on TV in those days). You can read about Beany and Cecil at POV online.
"It was that rarest, most elusive of creatures: A kids' show that adults enjoyed watching — and not just any adults. Among its declared fans were Groucho Marx, Albert Einstein and the kid who would grow up to be Frank Zappa. (Allegedly, Einstein once cut short a high-level meeting on quantum molecular mechanics by announcing, "Excuse me, gentlemen, but it's Time For Beany!")".

Below is a promo shot for the TV show.

time for beany TV show
Time For Beany

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