Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Egypt To Take Charge?

Dry Bones cartoon - Egypt Takes Over
King Solomon is a character I use to represent today's Israel's government or Israeli nation. His ever-present adviser is off screen, making a prediction. I agree with the prediction and with the Wise King's question. The Egyptians are in a situation created as the result of both Sharon's pullout from the Gaza Strip and the terrorist challenge to the present Egyptian government.
Here's a posting on the situation from an Egyptian blog called EgyptianPerson.
"For those who haven’t heard yet, after Israel disengaged from Gaza few days ago, things went out of control there. Thousands of Palestinians illegally crossed the borders between Egypt and Gaza, weapon smugglers sold guns from the Egyptian side to Gaza, Egyptian authorities discovered a tunnel filled with light and heavy infantry weapons, and Hamas blew a hole in the wall on the Egypt-Gaza border.

This kind of chaos on the border can easily include terrorists who participated in recent Sinai bombings fleeing to Gaza to hide among their cousins, or wanted Palestinian terrorists by Israel or the Palestinian Authority escaping and disappearing in Sinai. Guess what an uncontrolled Hamas terrorist will do if he found himself near a Sinai resort that has some Israeli tourists?

As far as I am concerned, this behavior by the Palestinians is the first threat to Egypt's national security on the East border in the last 25 years."

Note: the words in bold are bold in the original post at EgyptianPerson.

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