Monday, May 15, 2023

The Iranian Islamist Puppet Master

Dry Bones cartoon, Islamic Jihad, Israel, Palestinians, Gaza,Iran, IDF,

We are still unpacking (having just moved from the big house in Herzlia Pituah to a really cool apartment in the city of Kfar Sabba) ...but I'm back at work, with pen in hand, surrounded by still-unopened cartons, but eager to check out life in Kfar Sabba (yet another implementation of the Zionist dream).

Meanwhile Iran is flexing its muscles and the world continues to paint the "Palestinians" as the victims.The Iranian Mullah campaign has been incredibly successful. It seems as if most American Jews (and even some Bibi-hating Israelis) have swallowed the fantasy that Israel has become a (fill in the blanks: fascist, apartheid, racist, colonialist,) state.

and so it goes. . .

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