Saturday, November 14, 2020

Our Peace Prize for Trump

Dry Bones has decided to award the “People’s Peace Prize” to President Trump in recognition of his successes in establishing peace between Israel and its neighbors and between Serbia and Kosovo. Start your day with a taste of sweet optimism with your Dry Bones Trump Peace Mug (available in 3 different colors).

The idea that sipping our favorite beverage in our own mugs every morning would bring us together with you, (and other Israel-lovers around the world) was a real turn-on. We came up with three colors but couldn't decide which we liked the best, so we're doing all three. They cost $15.39 each. They are 11 oz. ceramic mugs with comfortable easy-grip handles. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Click on the links below for more info, to take a peek at both sides of each mug, and perhaps to buy one. ($15.39 will get you one of these Dry Bones Trump Peace mugs)

For Blue mug:

For Aqua mug:

For Tan mug:

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