Sunday, October 20, 2019

Angela Merkel, Zionist Hero?

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(as reported by Gatestone Institute):

- Germany provides millions of euros annually to organizations that promote anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) and "lawfare" campaigns, anti-Zionism, antisemitism, and violence,
- NGO Monitor.

- "Why is Merkel being awarded the Theodor Herzl Award? Because her representative at the United Nations abstains in anti-Israel resolutions — and thereby de facto supports them? The same official who equates Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians with Israel's demolition of the homes of Palestinian terrorists? For not relocating the German embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as the United States did, and also warning other countries against taking such a step? For all this, she gets the Theodor Herzl Award?"
— Henryk Broder, German Political Commentator, Die Achse des Guten.

- "And that is just the beginning. There is a great possibility that thanks to today's politics Germany will become Judenrein [free of Jews]. Wir schaffen das (We can do it)."
— Dr. Rafael Korenzecher, Publisher, Jüdische Rundschau.

-The Full Gatestone Report

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