Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Optimism of Youth

North Korea, Kim Jong Un, youth, missiles, bombs, optimism,If you think that the dimwit in today's cartoon is Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine, you'd be wrong. Harvey Kurtzman, a cartoonist, and the original editor and creator of Mad first spotted the image on a postcard pinned to the office bulletin board of the editor of Ballantine Books . The image had, for years been used on comic postcards. In 1965 Mad was sued for copyright infringement by the widow of cartoonist Harry Spencer Stuff. She claimed it was a copy of Stuff’s caricature “The Original Optimist,” also known as “Me-worry?”, which he had copyrighted in 1914.
Mad Magazine argued that it had copied the picture from various materials dating back to 1911 and won the case.
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