Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Israel's Christian Community

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Non-Jewish Israelis in the army of Israel:
"Since 1956 all male Druze (at their request), in Israel, must complete mandatory military service upon reaching the age of majority, while females do not. The same mandatory conscription law has applied to male Circassians since 1958. The conscription rate among the Druze is particularly high. Overall, 83% of Druze males are recruited to the army, of which 60% serve in combat units - The Bedouin have volunteered to the Israeli Army since the early days of statehood. The IDF maintains an all-Bedouin combat battalion and a reconnaissance regiment with several hundred Bedouin soldiers and officers." -- See more

Question: If Christians from Syria, Iraq, and Libya are called "Christian Arabs", why aren't Jews from those countries called "Jewish Arabs?"

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