Thursday, February 13, 2014

On European Streets

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I did today's cartoon back in 2004. Ten yars ago. The situation is now worse.
Haggadah Diary:
Passover begins on the evening of Monday, April 14, 2014, Yikes! That's only 8 1/2 weeks from from now. Last night the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) and I had a business meeting (just the two of us) about distribution of our Dry Bones Passover Haggadah. Our online store is working. Orders are coming in and the LSW has become an expert at using the "Brother Label Printer" that we borrowed, and also has become a regular at the local Post Office.

She has booked four or five appearances in a mini book tour here in Israel. We've decided to set up an affiliate program so that bloggers and other online sites can partner with us. But with only 60 days 'til Seder night, and the printed-in-Jerusalem Haggadahs having to be sent out from Israel, we're feeling the pressure. Wish us luck. We're in for a wild ride.
Here's our

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