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Yasser Arafat (2002)

Dry Bones
May 13, 2002

(2002) Dry Bones cartoon: Arafat, Gaza, Israel, attack, Palestinians, PLO, Today's Golden Oldie is ten years old. It's from May 2002.

It features Yasser Arafat, the clever Egyptian who sold the world the idea that there was a "Palestinian" people, and that they (and not the Jews) were the ancient indigenous natives of the land of Israel ...and that he was their leader!

Yasser is no longer among the living, but his lies live on.

* * *
After having read what I wrote above, It occurs to me that some of you will think I've gone too far and exaggerated his deceptions by describing Arafat as an Egyptian. So read this:
"Yassir Arafat, whose real name is Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, was born in August 1929 in Cairo, son of an Egyptian textile merchant. He was sent to Jerusalem as a small child after his mother died, then returned to Egypt via Gaza.

Throughout his career, Arafat’s Egyptian background was a political impediment and source of personal embarrassment. One biographer notes that upon first meeting him in 1967, ‘West Bankers did not like his Egyptian accent and ways and found them alien,’ and to the very end Arafat employed an aide to translate his Egyptian dialect into Palestinian Arabic for conversing with his West Bank and Gaza subjects." -more

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