Monday, September 12, 2011

Turkey Unmasked

Turkey,  Gaza,  Flotilla,  Islamists, Israel, Kurds, Armenia, Disney, pinocchio : Dry Bones cartoon.
About Turkish occupation of Armenian lands there's this current news item:

Armenians Press For Court Ruling Against Turkey in US

September 11, 2011

"US Armenians, pressing for a court decision against Turkey for violating the property rights of Ottoman Armenians during World War I, have complained that the Turkish government has ignored a lawsuit brought against Turkey in a Los Angeles court.

Plaintiffs argue that Turkey seized land belonging to their relatives when its owners fled Anatolia during what Armenians call a genocide campaign. The land in the southern province of Adana, which is now occupied by the ─░ncirlik Air Base used by the US military, was then sold without the permission of the Armenian owners, according to the lawyers of the plaintiffs. The complaints target Turkey and two Turkish banks, the Central Bank of Turkey and Ziraat Bank.

Turkey had 60 day to answer the complaint, which expired on Aug. 19, 2011, but it has so far refused to answer. Lawyers for the plaintiffs announced that on Sept. 6 the Turkish government is in default for ignoring the lawsuit.

The default notice was entered on Sept. 1, 2011." -more

And the recent news about Turkey's disproportionate bombing response to Kurdish Freedom Fighters as reported by the BBC:

Turkey reports heavy PKK losses after week of bombing

Aug 23, 2011

"The Turkish army says it has killed up to 100 Kurdish rebels in a week of air and artillery strikes on suspected PKK bases in northern Iraq.

A statement on the army website said that, according to its estimates, between 90 and 100 were killed and more than 80 wounded.

The PKK has confirmed three deaths, while local reports say a family of seven were killed by the bombing.

Turkey began the strikes after deadly PKK attacks on its soldiers."-more

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