Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Christians (2001)


(2001)Christians, Jews, Middle East, Israel, India, 2001,  LSW,: a Dry Bones cartoon
Today's cartoon is from August 2001. Ten years ago this month.

Last night the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) dragged me to a going away party for some Indian diplomats. It was in Herzlia Pituah, the little beach-side village that I live in.

She spent most of the evening chatting with lady friends from the International Women's Club, while I spent most of the evening with an interesting group of Israeli Christian Arabs who had driven down from Nazareth for the party. I naturally assumed that the ladies' table was engaged in light-weight gossip, while at another table, an Arab guy and I spent the evening analyzing the plight of Christians and Jews in the Middle East.

During our discussion I quoted a cartoon of mine from ten years ago. So I searched for it, found it, and posted it as today's golden oldie.

Your thoughts?

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