Friday, July 01, 2011

Escape Clause

 Iran, Flotilla, Israel, Nukes, virus, sabotage : Dry Bones cartoon.
The latest from the Voice Of America:

"Organizers of an international flotilla are accusing Israel of sabotaging a second ship that they planned to include in a mission to break an Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The organizers said Thursday they had discovered damage to the engine of the Irish boat Saoirse in the Turkish port of Gocek, where it had been berthed for the past few weeks.

They called the damage an act of sabotage committed by professional divers and blamed it on Israel, which has warned it will not allow the flotilla to breach the Gaza blockade.

An Israeli foreign ministry official ridiculed the allegations, telling a Swedish news agency that they sound like a plot from a James Bond movie.

The organizers said the Irish boat could have sunk, resulting in fatalities, if it had gone to sea with a damaged engine. On Monday, they reported similar damage to the Swedish ship Juliano at the Greek port of Piraeus and also blamed it on Israeli sabotage."


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