Monday, March 21, 2011

Inflammatory Material

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Back in October, I was in Boston for a conference at Boston University sponsored by the good folks at CAMERA. As I strolled into the venue at BU with Louise (a friend and fellow activist) we were greeted by a small but noisy and colorful contingent of anti-Israel demonstrators. The chanting, drum-beating, horn-blowing, Arab head scarf-wearing students were trying to hand out their anti-Zionist libels and "fact sheets" to passersby and to would-be conference attendees.

Other folks were furious and stopped to argue with the demonstrators, but not my friend Louise. Nope.

What Louise (Lulu to some) does in such situations is nothing short of brilliant. Amazed at what she did, I turned it into a Dry Bones cartoon (with a thanx to Lulu next to my signature). So if you decide to follow Lulu's (and now my advice) remember to save the inflammatory material for Lag Ba'Omer, the bonfire holiday of the Jewish people. The holiday will start this year on Saturday night May 21 and continue till nightfall Sunday May 22. By the way, on Sunday May 22 I'm scheduled to speak at a Lag Ba'Omer lunch in Fresno California and then I'll be flying off to an appearance that evening in LA. I'll post dates of the May2011 speaking tour as soon as everything is in place. On May 26 I'll be appearing in the Boston area (and hope to get some more strategic advice from Lulu).

We've still got a couple of open dates left for the May2011 tour, so if your Church, Synagogue, or Community Organization wants to book a Z Street, Young Israel-sponsored Dry Bones event do it now. Please contact But this is the last week to book!

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