Monday, March 14, 2011

Horror Show

Itamar, murder, Palestinians, PLO, PA, Terrorism, Settlements, Settlers, Prime Minister, President, West Bank, Occupied Territories, Islamism,  : Dry Bones cartoon.

The cold-blooded murder of a 4 month-old infant is described as the killing of another "settler".

The constant, unrelenting demonization of Jews by the Palestinian media, in the Palestinian educational system, and in their public pronouncements and ceremonies, is merely what Israel's Prime minister "described as incitement that encourages attacks".

Below, from the Washington Post:

Israeli troops scour West Bank villages for killers of 5 Jewish settlers
By Janine Zacharia
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, March 12, 2011; 6:25 PM
"JERUSALEM - Israeli troops fanned out into Palestinian villages Saturday to search for the killers of five family members stabbed to death in a Jewish settlement as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Palestinians to end what he described as incitement that encourages attacks." -more

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