Thursday, March 03, 2011

the Crazy Guy (1982)

Arafat, Beirut, Gaddafi, Lebanon, War. Lebanon War
Arafat, Beirut, Gaddafi, Lebanon

Today's "Golden Oldie" is from July 05, 1982.

Here's the story behind the cartoon:

A year before (in July of 1981) Israel had agreed to a ceasefire with Yasser Arafat's terrorist army in Lebanon (Between 15-18,000 PLO terrorist soldiers were in dozens of locations in Lebanon).

But in the 11 months that followed the "ceasefire", the PLO carried out 270 terrorist actions in Israel. Twenty-­nine Israelis died and more than 300 were injured in these attacks. The last straw was on June 3, 1982, when the Palestinian terrorists shot Israel's Ambassador to Great Britain, Shlomo Argov. Though not killed, he remained in a coma for three months and was then left permanently paralysed and in need of constant medical assistance for the rest of his life.

Three days after the attack on Israel's Ambassador in London, on June 6, 1982, Israel's army poured across the border to fight the PLO forces stationed in Lebanon . . .PLO chieftain Yasser Arafat and his murderous PLO terrorist forces were trapped!

Gaddafi then sent a public message to Afafat which said:

“I advise you to commit suicide rather than to accept disgrace. Your suicide will immortalise the cause of Palestine for future generations. Your blood is the fuel of the revolution. Let suicide be the priority. It is the road to victory”.
Which led to my doing today's Golden Oldie about Gaddafi.

Your thoughts?

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