Friday, January 14, 2011

Not Just

Islamists target Christians : Dry Bones cartoon.
The murder of Christians in Egypt goes largely unreported in the Main Stream Media. Here's some info from the folks at CAMERA:

Massacre of Christians in Egypt

"Priest Wasseem Sabeeh was halfway through Sunday Mass, in Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad, when an explosion shook the church. Suddenly men with guns yelling Islamic prayers burst into the church. They fired at the priests, congregants, even murals of Mary and the saints.

Some parishioners screamed and ran out. Sabeeh, 27, and another priest, Thaer Saadallah, 32, hastily directed dozens of others into a room near the altar, then turned to plead with the men in suicide vests to stop the killing.

They shot Sabeeh at point-blank range, then shot Saddallah in the face. He fell on the steps of the altar, his vestments stained with blood." -more

Media Ignore Attacks on Bethlehem Church

"In a 2010 interview from Bethlehem aired on Christian TV (Daystar Television Network) on December 31, 2010, Pastor Khoury described numerous bombing and gunshot attacks on his church. Five minutes into the video clip, Khoury explained that his church is strongly opposed by Palestinian Christian adherents to “Palestinian liberation theology” — a religious-political ideology that supports and encourages violence against Israel and denies religious roots of Jewish nationalism." -more

Assailant Checked Victims for Crosses Before Shooting

"Al Masry Al Youm, an Egyptian newspaper that has provided detailed coverage of life of the Coptic Christian community in Egypt, offers a horrifying detail about the recent attack that has left one Coptic Christian in Egypt dead and several others wounded. According to the report, the assailant, allegedly ensured that his victims were in fact Christian by looking for green crosses tattooed on their wrists. Al Masry Al Youm reports: -more

And I recommend that you listen to an important interview with Dexter Van Zile, CAMERA's Christian media analyst. The interview is from last week. Jan 06, 2011: Just Click Here

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