Monday, August 30, 2010

Changing Sides?

Now that the Turks and the Iranian Persians are on one side, and Israel and the Arab states are on the other . . .the “Arab Israel conflict” is a threat to Arab independence and needs to be replaced by “Arab Israeli Unity”! : Dry Bones cartoon.
"Arab Israeli Unity"?!!
Arabs and Israelis standing together against a common threat?!!
Is it a possibility?

* * *
Recent events are moving quickly. Here's a current assessment from the Asia Times Online:
The great chess game of the Middle East
Aug 28, 2010

it is hard to avoid the fact that despite all threats on the Jewish state, Israel profits to a certain extent from Iran's belligerent posture.

. . . "The countries of the Arabian Peninsula are infinitely more interested in the threat from Iran than in the existence of Israel and, indeed, see Israel as one of the buttresses against Iran."

For the first time since its creation, Israel finds itself in the same camp as many Arab states, and for better or for worse, having a common enemy is perhaps the best way to make friends in the Middle East.-more

And a "hot off the press" news item just reported by the Palestinian Maan News Agency.

Egypt: 3rd weapons cache found in 48 hours
Aug 29, 2010
Al-Arish– Ma'an
– Egyptian State Security discovered a third weapons storehouse within 48 hours on Tuesday, security sources said.

Egyptian forces were informed that smugglers were attempting to transfer explosives and weapons to a storehouse in the Sinai peninsula, sources told Ma'an.

Forces raided the area south of the Al-Arish port city and discovered 65 anti-aircraft missiles, 35 anti-tank missiles, as well as large quantities or ammunition, the sources added.

Egyptian security forces said they discovered weapons and explosives on Monday, hidden in the border city of Rafah, prepared for smuggling into Gaza through tunnels.

Security sources told Ma'an that Egyptian forces raided a cemetery in Rafah, 3 kilometers from the Gaza border, and found a weapons cache including anti-tank land mines.

A second weapons store was found in the Al-Ahrash border area, which included machine guns and ammunition, also prepared for smuggling into Gaza, sources said. -more

Your thoughts?

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