Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exchange Rate

prisoner exchange : Dry Bones cartoon.
It now seems that in the "10 Russian Spies" caper, Russia made use of British and Irish passports!! According to the Telegraph:
"The case echoes revelations earlier this year in which forged British passports were allegedly used by Israeli agents in the killing of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai." -more

And this report from Israel National News:

British media coverage of the misuse of British and Irish passports by Israel and Russia shows a hypocritical attitude, a British research organization has found.

"Just Journalism, an independent research group focused on how Israel and Middle East issues are reported in British media, examined news coverage of the Russian spy ring recently nabbed in the United States, which allegedly used British and Irish passports. It compared it to the coverage of the misuse of passports by the Israeli hit team that allegedly killed a terrorist in Dubai earlier in the year.

“In the latter case, expressions of political and media outrage were abundant,” it determined. “In the former, not so much on either front.”

An editorial published on March 24 in The Guardian, after London expelled an Israeli diplomat following the Dubai assassination, proclaimed that the faking of British passports was "the mark of an arrogant nation that has overreached itself." On June 30, an editorial on the Russian espionage case in the same newspaper failed to even mention the alleged use of a forged United Kingdom passport.

The BBC, too, has given “negligible” coverage to the UK passport forgery in its items on the Russian spy affair. “Of the eight articles published on its news website on the subject in the last 24 hours, only three even mention the issue,” Just Journalism reported." -more

To read the report click on Just Journalism.

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