Monday, July 07, 2008

Suicide Tactics

Arab/Islamic Terrorism is now Being Outsourced Dry Bones cartoon.
Arab/Islamic terrorism is now being outsourced. I had just finished drawing this cartoon and was in the process of uploading it to the blog when the news came in of a massive suicide truck bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Below is the story as reported in the South Asia News. Note that the words Islam, Islamic, Muslim, or Moslem do not appear anywhere in the reporting.

44 killed, more than 100 injured in suicide blast at Indian embassy
Jul 7, 2008, 8:48 GMT
Kabul/Delhi - "A powerful explosion killed at least 44 people and wounded scores of others in an apparent suicide attack at the Indian embassy in Kabul Monday, officials said.

Sources in the Afghan interior ministry said at least 44 people were killed in the deadliest suicide bombing since fall of Taliban regime in 2001.

An official statement by the Interior Ministry said only that more than 100 people were killed and injured in the incident.

According to the statement, initial findings showed the bomber targeted Indian embassy.

'Terrorists in cooperation with some secret agencies in the region carried out this attack,' it said.

The victims were mostly civilians including women and children, Fahim added."

Your thoughts please?

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